Tuesday, January 17, 2017

PrintFriendly Solves the Big Image Problem

With todays digital cameras, pictures are getting larger, often too large. This can take up unwanted space in the printed or PDF version of the webpage.

Now with PrintFriendly & PDF you can choose the image size. In the PrintFriendly & PDF toolbar you'll notice a new option called "Images". In the menu you'll have the following options:


  • Full Size
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • Remove Images

New Feature: Images Menu lets you choose Full Size, Large, Small, or Remove Images

Here's an example of wonderful Sloppy Joe Baked Potatoes recipe. You'll see the  images are great, but they're too large.

Problem is, when you print or save as PDF, each image can take a full page! In total, this recipe takes 7 pages.

Turn seven pages into two! With PrintFriendly's new image feature you can save five pages! Not only does this save paper and ink, but it can also be nicer for reading.

The new image feature is available in the PrintFriendly & PDF Browser extensions.

Do you have a recipe, knitting or blog/website this is the perfect feature for your print button. You can get the PrintFriendly & PDF WordPress Plugin, Blogger Widget, Drupal Module, and HTML button.

You can also use directly at PrintFriendly.com.


  1. Have Loved PrintFriendly for a few yrs now, mostly for knitting patterns. Love that it automatically eliminates all the ads, sidebars, & fluff, & I can choose to delete more as I page thru. Patterns will often show many huge pics of a hat, etc & this allows me to narrow them down to just enough. Just tried out your 50% 'images' option, which cut all the pics in half wonderfully, but made the charts blank!
    Pls try it on
    Knitters & croheters would love it if this could be fixed.
    (Used on Windows 10, Chrome)
    Thank you for your great product.

  2. Tested and appears to work. Make sure you're using the Chrome Extension.

    Get the PrintFriendly Browser Extension. It's faster and easier to use, plus will not generate this error.

    Get the Browser Extension at http://www.printfriendly.com/extensions


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