Wednesday, November 9, 2016

PrintFriendly & PDF Pro

We just launched PrintFrienldy & PDF Pro! Publishers (websites) can buy our pro service for their website.

  • Ad-Free: Pretty simple, there's no ads. 
  • White-Label option: Removes "Powered by PrintFriendly & PDF" and all other branding.
  • Client-side for password protected websites
  • HTTPS for secure websites
  • Unlimited printing and pdf generation.
  • Customization options like header, footer, copyright, etc..
Who needs PrintFriendly & PDF pro? Well every website of course! Help your readers save paper and ink when they print, plus get a better reading experience.

How much does it cost?

We created the pro option originally for non-profits 6 years ago (we used to charge through paypal), and the price is still the same today.

$3.33 per month is all it takes to get PrintFriendly & PDF Pro if you sign up for a year; that's less than a cup of fancy coffee!

Why charge monthly/yearly and not just one time? We get this question a lot, and here's why: 

Servers. PDF generation is intensive and we use the best CDN networks and backends to ensure fast and reliable service. Also the hosted button images, css, js files add up. 

Ongoing improvements. We're passionate about creating a quality product and don't want to mess around with versions and holding off releasing something great until we can charge more.

Introducing Our New Pro Website

Buy Pro service for your website (domain). PrintFriendly & PDF pro service applies to any and all pages on your website.


Subdomains: Do you need PrintFriendly & PDF service for a website and multiple subdomains?

For Example:

White-Label: Removes "Powered by and all other PrintFriendly & PDF branding.

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