Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Add PrintFriendly Button Using Blogger's Built-in Add Widget Tool

You can easily add the PrintFriendly button to your blog using the Add Widget Tool. If you prefer to do things the hard way, then you can manually add the PrintFriendly button.

Step 1: Get the PrintFriendly button.

Step 2: Tell Blogger Where to Install.

  • Select your blog. 
  • Leave the Title blank.
  • Click the Add Widget button.
* If nothing happens, note that PrintFriendly currently works on any of the Classic Blogger/Blogspot templates. We are still working on getting this to work on the new Dynamic View template.

You're Done! 

The PrintFriendly & PDF button will now appear at the bottom of your posts.

Add PrintFriendly Button to Blogger or Blogspot Using the New User Interface

You can manually add the PrintFriendly button to your blog in four easy steps. If you prefer a simpler way, you can use blogger's built-in add widget tool.

Step 1: Get the PrintFriendly button code.

  • Goto
  • Select Blogger/Blogspot.
  • Select your button style.
  • Click add code directly to template.
  • Copy the code in the text box that appears.

Step 2: Edit your blog's HTML template.

  • Log into your blog dashboard. 
  • Click Template on the left navigation menu. 
  • Click Edit HMTL below your blog thumbnail.
    *Dynamic Views templates doesn't allow editing your HTML. You'll need to use the classic Blogger/Blogspot Templates.

  • Click Proceed on the warning message.

  • An Editor will appear. Make sure to put a checkmark Expand Widget Templates

Step 3: Paste PrintFriendly Button Code.

  • Find <data:post.body/> in the Editor window.
    * Tip: Press "Control" and "F" on keyboard to search.
  • Paste the PrintFriendly button code above <data:post.body/> to make the button appear above your posts. Paste the code below <data:post.body/> to place the button below your posts.
    * Careful: There's two versions of <data:post.body/>. Use the first (web) not the second (mobile).

Step 4: Preview and save your changes.

  • Click Preview
  • Click Save template