Thursday, January 29, 2015

Help us Translate PrintFriendly in Your Language

If you've been using PrintFriendly for a while, you already know that PrintFriendly can automatically translate to your language depending on the language settings of your web browser. However, we have a limited number of languages that our plugin has been translated into. And we'd like to make PrintFriendly available in more languages.

For this, we need your help. If you want to see if PrintFriendly is available in your language, simply go to the PrintFriendly plugin page and scroll down to Supported languages heading. If you are not seeing your language in there, you can help us add it!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to Add PrintFriendly Browser Tool to Mozilla Firefox 35

Hey everyone! Today we're going to show you a quick tip on how to add PrintFriendly browser tool to the bookmarks bar on Mozilla Firefox latest version. As of now, the latest version available for Windows computers is 35. So we've made a nice little animated GIF file for you which you can see to learn how to add the PrintFriendly button to your bookmarks bar in moments!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Image Algnment

We launched a new feature for publishers using the PrintFriendly & PDF Button… Image alignment.

By default we align image to the right, allowing text to flow Left-to-Right around the images. Generally this is best for readability. 

However, align-right doesn't work well with certain kinds of content (like step by step instructions).

Now publishers can choose image alignment when they get the PrintFriendly & PDF button.

Check it out!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Open PrintFriendly in a New Tab

By default, PrintFriendly button installed on your site will show a pop-up right within your page whenever someone clicks on it. However, if you want the button to open in a new tab, simply follow this tutorial.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > PrintFriendly & PDF from WordPress dashboard.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

PrintFriendly v5

We've been on a mission to create a new version of PrintFriendly. Our goal was to defeat insidious Browser Bugs, punch through error-filled HTML pages, and unify our website/plugin technology.

We created v4, but ended up having to scrap it. Would v5 be any different? Would we end up back where we started?

Practice makes perfect. After months of hard work we had an important victory, launching v5 on

The fight is not over yet though. We still need to integrate the plugin/extension/button technology, which has some major challenges. However, my confidence is renewed!

Special thanks to PrintFriendly developers Dragan & Manu! Dragan Stankovic has been in the ring fighting to make v5 happen. He analyzed parsing algorithms, and eventually created a new one in a different language. Manu J is the veteran, he created the foundation and has been the coach.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Catch Exclusive Interview of PrintFriendly Founder Taylor Norrish

PrintFriendly is an amazing web app. It comes handy for all class of users at one point or another. We know it. And our users know it. That's why PrintFriendly is wildly popular and is getting more exposure in the social media.

Nelson Ta, Content Editor and lead blogger at OmniBeat, first wrote a review of how great PrintFriendly is when it comes to printing pages from the web as well as making PDF without the need of downloading and installing software for that. You can check out the review of PrintFriendly on OmniBeat here.

However, the idea and usability of PrintFriendly made Nelson so curious about it that he actually went ahead to catch Taylor Norrish, the founder of PrintFriendly, on a Google+ Hangout to interview him.

In the 8-minute interview, Taylor of PrintFriendly explains what made him develop such an awesome little application on the web and how people are reacting to it. He said that most people actually use PrintFriendly to read documents online while a number of other people use it to make PDF of web pages. Taylor also discusses about other ways of using PrintFriendly.

Although Bookmarklet is the fastest way to print and make PDF pages from the web, most people find it outdated. Novice users often have trouble finding the bookmark bar on their browser. In that sense, plugins or extensions are more common and that's why PrintFriendly team is working to develop a Firefox plugin. Taylor also noted that a Google Chrome extension is already available which has been downloaded over 21,000 times as of writing this post (21,936 to be exact). This shows us a bit of how popular PrintFriendly is and how great it is at what it does.

Catch Taylor's Interview with OmniBeat in the video below:

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Fastest Way to Print A Page is PrintFriendly Browser Tool

Do you constantly need to print articles from websites? Do you find yourself going to regularly to print or make PDF of pages? Have you ever wondered if there was an even faster way to make PrintFriendly page without having to go to each time?

PrintFriendly browser tool has been there for a long time. It's a print friendly button that sits on your browser instead of the webpage. The best thing about the browser tool, or browser bookmarklet, is that it doesn't need the webpage to have a PrintFriendly button installed. Even if the website you're viewing doesn't have PrintFriendly button, you can still print or generate a PDF copy of the webpage right from the page without navigating away. Today I'll show you how easy it is to set up PrintFriendly browser tool on your browsers.

Basically there are two steps to installing PrintFriendly browser tool on your browser. The first step is to show the bookmark bar. Just like menubar, bookmark bar is a bar that shows the bookmarked items on your browser. You have to make sure that the bookmark bar is visible. If it isn't, the first step is to make it visible.

The second step is to install the tool. Don't worry about the word "install", because it's just drag-and-drop. Follow along to see how these steps are done in the most popular browsers.